Cover your eyes…

During the final relaxation pose there is always the option to place an eye pillow over your eyes. Every time I do this, I come out of the final pose feeling different.

Savasana, final relaxation: literally it means ‘corpse pose’. This is symbolising the withdrawing inside and to avert oneself from all external stimuli and input.

For a moment you are ‘dead’ for the outside world. It symbolizes the deepening in yourself so to maybe experience the silence that is hidden under everything.

What helps is to lie still. Often when our body is still, many things can come to the surface, and disappear again. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, everything we experience. Through being in silence and observing the process of coming and going, something can happen. Stillness can enter.

An eye pillow helps me. The heaviness of it on my eyes, the extra closing of the light, the intention to enter more deeply inward. Try it out. Sometimes something small makes a big difference.