Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa’ derives from the Sanskrit words ‘nyasa’ and ‘vi’, that means ‘to place in a special way’. ‘Flow’: poses that are connected through movement and transitions. Vinyasa Flow is a continuous sequence of poses, connected through the breath.

How does that look like in a lesson?
Often we will start sitting, with our eyes closed to be able to turn inwards and become conscious of our body and breath.

Next we start to move to warm up, lower to the floor and building up to the standing poses. We start to connect our movements to our breath. Then comes the dynamic part of the class: standing poses, ‘ vinyasa’s’, continuous movement and sometimes longer holds of a posture. You will connect movement and breath more deeply, focus in the moment, using your body and muscular strength.

After this there is time to learn a ‘peak’ pose, more advanced or more relaxing postures, depending on the theme of the class.

We always will be working with neutralising postures, so you will leave the class balanced and refreshed.